2023 Online Mentorship with Moda Bella Photography (1 year in length)

2023 Online Mentorship with Moda Bella Photography (1 year in length)

Moda Bella Photography

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This private mentoring class (FB Group Platform & Monthly Meetings) is where you'll learn how to grow your business by refining your studio skills. 


Learning is extremely unique so my objective is to ensure we are all learning productively. Each and every person will have weekly and monthly time available with me so I can better understand where you need help.

Education will be provided from video content, lighting instructions, PDF notes and one-on-one zoom meetings so I can get to know your specific studio space and its lighting needs. I will upload videos on our FB Platform weekly so you can continue to learn new techniques, tips, tricks and everything in between. I will always be avail to answer any questions. For this reason I will only be accepting 10 students to mentor. 

We will cover the following:


  1. Marketing - Social Media
  2. Inquiry/communication
  3. Contracts
  4. Sales (Non IPS)
  5. Overall bussines structure 

Newborn/Maternity shooting videos:

  1. Full Workflow (both maternity and newborn)
  2. Posing adults, children and newborns
  3. Various lighting techniques & Camera settings
  4. Newborn posing (Table and in props)
  5. BTS videos


  1. Editing workflow
  2. Skin 
  3. Sharing my refined editing techniques (body mods when needed)
  4. Sharing the name of the actions I use for quicker edits

** You will receive exclusive access to our new Prop and gown shop set to launch in May 2023 **


Terms and Conditions: “I” as the mentee, agrees not to disclose information with non-mentees of videos, written materials and or strategies founded by the Moda Bella Photography mentoring program and its successors/assigns. If violations occur, all communications and evidence will be done through legal counsel. Any violations of false statements, dismay of actions and or contempt directly or indirectly relating to the mentoring program, mentee will be dismissed from the program indefinitely. All sales are final, no refunds permitted.